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  • * Homestudio 1/96

    '...The set sounds incredibly transparant in all frequencies. The imaging is terrific and the individual instruments are placed right on the spot. Almost no detail escapes the rhythmical and fast Tjéés. Concerning the timbre one can conclude that it is a well-balanced combination which reproduces almost every kind of music in a smooth, unforced manner. If we put a price tag of fl. 3250,-- (P.S. check the pricelist for current prices) on all this praise I can only come to one conclusion: this is an extremely nice loudspeaker, especially for its money. And I'm referring to its performance and appearance.
    ...In short: after having lived with the Tjéé combination for some time now I'd like to call it 'a musical omnivor which is easy to live with and hard to live without'. This feeling is so strong that I'm considering to make this "relationship" permanent. All that remains now is to choose a colour together with my girlfriend.'

    * Luister, 1996

    '...I can't come to any other conclusion than that TAF delivers a high-quality alternative to all the small "loudscreamers" on the hifi market. One also has to remember that it isn't hard to spend more money on loudspeakers that require more space but even then don't come close to the small TAF Tjéé's.'