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  • It is very, very fast, F-3dB at 175 kHz! (175.000 Hz)
  • It is extremely stable (damping factor (DF) = 660!):
     42 watt / 8 ohm*
     82 watt / 4 ohm*
    152 watt / 2 ohm*
    * in high bias mode

    • For a non-feedback amplifier, it has little harmonic distortion*:
      0,1 watt / 4 ohm: 0,04% THD
      10 watt / 4 ohm: 0,13% THD
      50 watt / 4 ohm: 0,26% THD
      * it is worth mentioning that this distortion is primarily of an even (second) harmonic nature that is reminiscent of tube amplifiers instead of transistor/mosfet amplifiers. BUT, the distortion is far less than that of a tube amplifier with an equal power output.

    • Two large 220 VA power transformers are installed seperately in 3 mm stainless steel compartments to avoid any humming sound.

    • The TAF-Q has a 5 years, transferable warranty and is expected to return to TAF every 10 years for a maintenance check-up (probably only the give it a good cleaning).

    • The TAF-Q has 5 line inputs, 2 sets of switchable loudspeaker connectors and 1 headphone output (at the back).

    • The TAF-Q is built to last a lifetime (see 'warranty').
      This is achieved by implementing the unique thermo sifon cooling principle. Using this principle, the ventilation increases as the temperature rises but without any moving parts within the amplifier. This, in combination with the poorly heat conducting terrazzo casing (against which the large, 3 part heatsinks are connected), guarantee that those parts which work best when warm (mosfets) keep their necessary temperature (in high bias) and that the rest of the electronics (mainly capacitors) remain cool.

    • Weight: 35 kg.

    • The TAF-Q can be switched in a high bias mode (2 x 20 watt in Class A) and in a low bias mode (2 x 3 watt Class A).

    • The temperature of the heatsinks:
      • in high bias mode: room temperature + ca 27C (e.g. roomtemperature = 20C + 27C= 47C (temperature cooling ribs).
      • in low bias mode: roomtemperature + ca 3C.