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  • The Synergie was developed at the same time as the Pilotis and like the Pilotis it received an upgrade in 2003. Through the use of a new cabinet and new units like the Vifa super audio tweeters (standard Synergie and Synergie EBS), the Scanspeak ultra-reference tweeter and superior mid-bass unit by Excel (Super Synergie EBS), these loudspeakers now also join the elite of audiophile loudspeaker designs. Naturally the model includes EBS versions - please read: "EBS makes the difference".

    The technical specifications of the Synergie and Pilotis are very much alike - please compare the notes on the Pilotis.

    The Synergie (like the Pilotis) are now available in three versions: the standard Synergie, the Synergie EBS and the Super Synergie EBS.