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  • The prototype of the Cadans 5, also being the first TAF model, was built in 1988. The outer dimensions being 105x30x30 cm and its weight 75 kg(!), make the Cadans 5/IV an elegant but heavy floorstanding loudspeaker. That's why TAF delivers this model with a free transport buggy. As with the larger TAF loudspeakers, the Cadans 5/ IV is almost totally adjustable to the acoustics of your listening space because the midrange and high frequencies can be adjusted minus and plus 2 dB. The lower frequencies can be adjusted by putting different lenghts of ducts into the reflex port (for each loudspeaker 2 extra ducts are included at delivery). Naturally the crossover is hardwired using only the heavy Mundorf components. As it is with all TAF models, the internal cabling is carried out by using heavyly silver coated OFC which is Teflon isolated.

    All in all the Cadans 5/IV delivers more than excellent value for money.
    Didn't A. van der Wal state in Luister july 1993 that the Cadans 5/ "equals the Quad electrostatic ESL in the mid/high frequencies" and that the lowest frequencies were "even tighter than that of the B&W 801 and 802"?