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  • The first designs for the Cadans 3 go back to spring 1989. The shape and size of the loudspeaker were chosen in order to get the best low frequency reproduction. In the end of 1989 the critically acclaimed audio magazine Audio & Techniek were asked to put the Cadans 3 through the mill which resulted in a six-page birth certificate written by Henk Schenk (no relative whatsoever of TAF's Koos Schenk!).
    Soon after, the findings and experiences of Henk Schenk were implemented in the final version of the Cadans 3.

    In 1992 the Cadans 3 got another critical shake down by the audio editors of Luister magazine. In this test the reviewer Armand van Ommeren came to the following conclusions:"Being a musician myself, the Cadans 3 is a real surprice. Those who are looking for a valuable loudspeaker but do not want it to be too large, should give the Cadans 3 their careful attention. The Cadans 3 can be measured against loudspeakers in the same price range, but there is no speaker of this size that can even come close to this quality!"

    It is interesting to have a closer look at the value for money aspect. In 1992 the Cadans 3 was sold at Dutch Hifi dealers. At that time the retail price was Fl. 7,500.- per pair. Nowadays this price would be approx. Fl. 9,000.-. (P.S. check the pricelist for current prices) This same, upgraded model can be bought in Oss at the price of Fl. 4,500.- (P.S. check the pricelist for current prices). TAF delivers the highest quality at about half the price by selling directly to the customer and excluding pricy dealers and distributors. In short: the best quality against half the price!

    In the end of 1997, so about seven years later, TAF introduced the upgraded Cadans 3. Now the legendary Dynaudio Esotec (D260) high/midrange unit is put into action and the second order serial crossover is hardwired using the heavy Mundorf components. Naturally, all internal connections are carried out by using heavily silver coated OFC which are Teflon isolated.

    Leaving out the side facets gives the new Cadans 3 a calm, austere appearance. What hasn't changed is the possibility to turn the speaker on its pedestal making it extremely easy to point it straight towards your listening position. Also the same is the pure silver contact switch at the back of the speaker near the speaker connectors, which enable you to adjust the high frequency (plus or minus 2dB) to your listening room.

    What didn't stay the same but increased, is the fantastic musicallity of the Cadans 3.