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The Cadans 28≤ Twintower is no longer in production. It can only be obtained if available through trade in. They are sold second-hand including guarantee.

The Cadans 28≤ Twintower is an imposing sight with its height of 166 cm (166x36x36). The Cadans 28≤ Twintower is, like the Rectangle 15, a compound system based on two 12" (31 cm) woofers which makes it twice as big acoustically (-3 dB, 19 Hz, ca 700 watt). ĎAbove" this extremely fast and clean compound section, operates a superior 21 cm low/midrange casted in an alloy basket. Like all other compartments in this loudspeaker, the internal cabinet compartment of this low/midrange unit hasnít got any parallel surfaces. In this case it is even pointed to effectively avoid any standing waves.
From 1000 Hz until 6000 Hz, the true midrange section, an extremely fast and dynamic planar magnetic driver is employed, functioning in sharp, tooth-shaped compartments. Because of the wide range of this High-end midrange unit, there are no crossover frequencies between different drivers, in this most sensitive hearing area. From this fact especially song and voice production will benefit. Above 6000 Hz, the Cadans 28≤ uses the same high frequency planar magnetic driver that is used succesfully in the Cadans 5/14.
Both planar magnetic drivers do their job on samarium cobalt based magnets: a magnet type which is 12 times stronger (and more expensive) than the normally applied ferrous based magnets. This doesnít only make them very fast and dynamic but also very controlled, which leads to an extremely clean and neutral music reproduction.
This uncompromised and very musical quintet is conducted by a no expense spared, 13 kg! crossover. This crossover provides the listener with ample possibilities to adapt the loudspeakers to his/her personal taste, listening position and room acoustics in a High-end fashion.

The Cadans 28, weighing 155 kg, is without doubt one of the heaviest loudspeaker systems to be used in a livingroom. Thatís why it is delivered with a free transport buggy on pneumatic tyres. Despite its weight and size, the Cadans 28 (or the Rectangle 15) isnít a heavy, boomy system because the polycrete cabinet (unlike wooden, MDF systems) is absolutely free from any undesired sounds or coloration of music.