Dealer of several superior Hifi and High-End brands
Manufacturer of heavily silvered interlinks and loudspeaker cables
Importer of ICW components and Bandor loudspeaker units

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TAF was founded in 1988 by designer/owner Koos J. Schenk. TAF's aim is to build demonstrable better, if not thé best loudspeakers possible, regardles of the price range. To achieve this aim TAF sets out to minimize or even remove the barrier between the performer and the listener by structurally eliminating all weak links within loudspeaker systems. That is why TAF exclusively produces monolithic polycrete® speakercabinets. This proces, developed by TAF, virtually eliminates all unwanted resonances and vibrations (for more info in Dutch, please read: de betonnen luidspreker, as published in Elektuur 1990).

Additionally, the cabinet designs, the used hardwired components and driver units - in short the complete loudspeaker concept - are proof of the highest quality.
The cabinet design avoids any parallel surfaces or returning dimensions thus effectively avoiding standing waves. All cabinets are monolithic so without any glued connections.
The most recent developement by TAF is EBS - Extra Bass Support. The developement has been lauded as thé most revolutionairy developement within loudspeaker design of recent years (for more info please read EBS makes the difference in Products).
All of the above has made TAF loudspeakers the musical reference for many music lovers.

TAF is situated in a modern studio. This multi-functional facility houses the R&D, production and sales units. Because TAF chooses for direct sale, thus eliminating the "middle man", TAF customers can benefit from an exceptionally favourable value for money result.

Terrazzo Art Fidelity
Visiting address: Landweerstraat Zuid 95 G, Oss
Correspondence address: Jupiterweg 13, 5345 LR Oss
The Netherlands
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